use your phone the right way


Hi guys am hear to tell YOU yes you the right way :D

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did you know?

that kids get cyber bullied more and more every year.By people using there phone the wrong way and those kids that get cyber bullied may not go to school stay home trying to hide from the person that bullied them and that's not cool.

but thankful there are people that help. so plz help them and stop cyber bullied's

Cyber bullying

people cyber bully and that not good.i can affect people lives and YOU may not even know it. they may not hit you or slap you but saying thins online hurts A LOT!

be careful online

when you use your phone you may make the other person upset by just one text.

You may not know but you may make someone mad or sad by not using your CAP's or punctuation properly

So use your punctuation and caps properly.

and don't talk to people you don't know online.they may say that they are 14 or 15 but they can be an old man/women just trying to make you tell them anything they want to know.