All About Aaron Becker!

Find out about our author before his January 12th visit!

Who is Aaron Becker?

Aaron Becker is an artist and an author. He lives in Massachusetts and is coming to visit us at Wells Road School on Thursday, January 12. Before he comes, we want you to take some time to explore his story. You will get a chance to enjoy Journey in your classroom. Now, check out the information on this page and jot down three things that surprise you as you go. Then you may join us in the Media Center to make a lantern to decorate our school for his visit.

Aaron Becker's First Book

Mr. Becker's first book, Journey, won a Caldecott Honor for its beautiful watercolors. Journey is a wordless picture book that takes its characters, and readers, on an amazing adventure. Because it has no words, the story is told through the illustrations and the imagination of the readers. Check out the book trailer here.


Have you ever learned something in order to reach a goal? Mr. Becker learned how to paint using watercolor in order to create his first book, Journey. Watch this video about the making of Journey that he shared on his website. The Making of Journey

Caldecott Honor Award

Journey won a Caldecott Honor in 2014. This is a national award that is given every year to books for children that have amazing illustrations. Some of your favorite children's books have probably won this award. Follow this link to find out more about the Caldecott Award. Link

Aaron Becker's Second Book

The adventure continues in Mr. Becker's second book, Quest. In this book, the main character is joined by a friend who helps her solve problems and reach their goal. This trailer for Quest was created by Mr. Becker and will give you a glimpse into the magical world he shares with his readers. Trailer

Journey to Spain

Mr. Becker took his family on a real adventure after writing Quest. He and his wife and daughter went to live in Spain for almost a year. While they were there, he worked on the art for the last book in the Journey trilogy. Find out what it was like in Spain in this video. The Making of Return

Aaron Becker's Third Book

Return is the final book in Aaron Becker's trilogy (set of three connected books). This book was published in August of 2016 and completes the adventures for our character and her family. Even if you haven't yet read the first two, you might enjoy the trailer for this new title. Trailer for Return