Gary Paulsen

Book Summary

"Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen is about a young boy named Brain who's parents recently got a divorce and it is going to his dads in Canada, but before he gets on the two person bush plane his mother gives him a hatchet and a holder that goes on his belt. As he is in the air with just him and the pilot when suddenly the pilot goes under cardiac arrest brian decided to pilot the plane as far as he could hoping for civilization but hours past and the plane runs out of gas and the plane crashes within minutes into a lake in the woods of Canada. Brian survives sickness from poison berries, hunger a porcupine attack,and eventually a tornado. In the end Brian gets the survival kit from the half sunken plane and turns on the radio and gets picked up by a small plane that received the radio signal, and later retuned home and everything went back to normal.

My Personal Review

The story "Hatchet" was a great story with action and adventure. Brian survived through it all sickness, hunger, porcupine needles in the leg, a bear encounter, and even a tornado! Overall the story kept the pages turning and hard to put down, but in the end every thing worked out. The only negative thing I have to say is that the end just kind of ended to quick I would like to know what happened in more detail.