Andrea Mantegna

An Italian Painter


~ Andrea was born in 1431, in Italy near Vicenza and died on September 13,1506 in Mantua, Italy.

~ He spent most of his life in Padua, Italy until 1459.

~ Mantegna didn't get an education, and he started painting in his own workshop at age 17.

~ Andrea studied Roman antiques, and was adopted at age 10.

~ Mantegna was a Italian painter, and created Calvary, St. Sebastian, and Engraver.

~ He did not have any patrons.

The Work

~ Andrea Mantegna created many different pieces of artwork, but one of my favorites is St. Sebastian.

~ It was created in 1480 and nothing was very special about this piece, it just had a lot of meaning to it due to the black plague.

~ I find this piece interesting because it represents how bad the black plague really was, and how many lives it crushed.

~ Andrea represents humanism, because many of his pieces are of humans, and celebrate the existence of humans.

~ You can find the original piece in Musee Du Louvre, Paris.


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