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How to Sign Out A Computer Lab

STEP 1: Accessing the Computer Lab and Mobile Lab carts from Exchange

Login in to Outlook Exchange and click on Calendars Section to see all your calendars. Click the check mark next to the calendar you wish to view. Unchecking the other calendars may make this easier to view.

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Step 2: Create Your Event!

Select the Calendar that you need to sign out on. Select your required date(s) by double-clicking inside the square of the calendar. You can also click the NEW button near the top to enter an event and drop down to Appointment. Then enter your LAST NAME along with your Start AND end time. Click Save and Close when you are finished.
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Step 3: Cancelling

Situations arise where you may need to cancel your signed out time. If you know you will not be using your assigned time, please delete your event so that others can sign up for that time. If this occurs, go into the Calendar and double click on your event. Then Click the X for Delete. Press OK when prompted. Your event is now deleted.

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Returning the Mobile Labs

  • Always return the mobile lab with all computers in their correct slots.
  • Try to do this immediately after use and plug it in so others can check out a working lab.
  • Students should not be told the codes to unlock the mobile labs.
  • If anything is wrong with a computer, please report the lab, computer number and problem to Jen or Laura ASAP so we can get it fixed.