Stop illegal imigration!

By Hayden Flanagan

The situation

As it stands, there are about 11.7 million illegal imigrants that live in the U.S currently. Thats rediculously high! California is currently the state with the most ammount of illegal imigrants, standing at around 2,930,000. Thats Twenty five percent of the national total.

There are illegal immigrants, So what?

The problem

You may not know it, but illegal immigrants are stealing u.s jobs. Over 8.5 million jobs are taken by illegal immigrants

What can we do?

The solution

Annually the goverment spends roughly $683.7 billion dollars on the millitary. If we would cut some of this budget and use it on border enforcement and police immigrant busting, than we could have millions of jobs for our citizens. This would grow our economy and one day get out out of debt.