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Five Ways to Liven Up Your Ice Balls

Ice balls have become increasingly popular in recent years. Have you ever wondered if there was something else you could doto make them a little more interesting? Well, here are five different ways to present, or use, ice balls.

Technicolor Ice Balls

By adding just a few drops of food color, you can make your drinks a little more interesting. All you have to do is fill your silicone mold with water as usual, and freeze for about 60 minutes. Then add the food coloring, just a few drops for pastel colors. The more food coloring that you add, the more intense your colors will be. Put the ice molds back into the freezer for 4-5 hours.

Another way to have colored ice balls is by freezing juice. You fill your ice ball mold in the same fashion, only use juice instead of water. Juice ice balls can help to make an interesting cocktail, or can be added to juice, to keep it from getting watered down, as the ice melts.

Blossoming Ice Balls

An interesting way to liven up your ice balls, you can freeze a flower in them. Simply add a fresh flower to your silicone ice ball mold and fill with distilled or filtered water and freeze. When frozen solid, you have a wonderful accent to any party, including bridal and baby showers. For the best looking flower ice balls,gently freeze the mold from the bottom to the top, to create a perfectly clear ice ball.The flower really stands out using this method.

Herbed and Fruity Ice Balls

Infuse your drinks with fruit and herb flavors. This can be easily accomplished by freezing small pieces of fresh fruit, or herbs, in ice balls. Using the same methods as with flower ice balls, just add your desired ingredient to your ice mold, then add water. After a few hours in the freezer you have a fun, flavorful addition to any drink.

Scintillating Ice Balls

Glittering ice balls can provide a fascinating twist to any cocktail. For a glamorous ice ball, use water like normal, and freeze. Simply add to your favorite cocktail,and then cover the ice ball with edible gold, or silver, flakes. Freezing gold or silver leaves instead of flakes could also be used which would provide the a slightly different effect.

Versatile Ice Balls

Ice balls don’t have to be used solely for drinks. There is a multitude of other uses for them. They can be used for anything, in which you would use ice. You can add ice balls to a cooler, and keep food and drink cold. They may even be the preferable choice, in this instance, because they melt more slowly, than regular ice cubes so would keep your food and drinks cooler, for longer.

Ice balls can also be used as decorations. They make a stunning centerpiece, and should hold their shape throughout the entire party. Ice balls can even be used for outdoor decorations, in cold climates.