Smith Class Newsletter

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September is flying by and we are finally able to enjoy some fall weather! Thank you for all those who volunteered to chaperone our field trip. Unfortunately, we are only able to take 4 parents. Permission slips for the field trip will be coming home Thursday in the "Wednesday Folder". Today the students are bringing home a green VIP folder. This folder contains a self-reflection sheet and then any recent graded work. Please sign the reflection cover sheet and return all papers as soon as possible.


Reading / Language Arts

Story: What About Me

-Comprehension Skill: Sequence (events in order)

-Vocabulary Skill: Compound words

-Phonics Skill: plural nouns and ending (-s, -es, -ies)

-Grammar Skill: subject and predicate

-Daily fluency practice

Writing: Narrative stories


Unit 1: Math Tools, Time and Multiplication

-Tally charts and bar graphs

-Multiplication strategies

-Introducing division

-Foundational Multiplication Facts

Multplication fluency practice - 2 X facts (in your child's binder)

Social Studies

Native American of the Eastern Woodlands

What are the most important physical characteristics of the Eastern Woodlands?

How did the people interact with the environment?

Social Studies Field Trip - October 8th

Permission Slip for students will be coming home on Thursday. This must be completed in order for students to attend the trip.


-If you are planning to participate in our birthday book read on your child's birthday, please make sure that you start the process of getting your clearances. (Visit Grasse website - tab that says "for parents")

-Field trip is on Thursday, October 8th

-Picture Day is October 15th

-Harlem Wizards Game is on October 18th

-Scholastic book order is due Friday