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"Women also have the power to substantially improve the lives of those around them. In their roles as mothers, caregivers, household managers, producers, consumers, employees, and employers, women are catalysts for broader development efforts that can have positive ripple effects for families, communities, and countries."

- Anne Marie Golla

Providing Sustainability to Mamas in Kenya

Across the developing world, with the never ending household responsibilities, many mothers have neither the mobility nor the means to earn a living; leaving their children without an education, proper health care and many times a meal.

Last year, to provide sources of sustainable income to mothers in Kenya, a high school started fundraising and donating through Free the Children's We Create Change campaign where every $50 went towards one goat for a mother. They managed to help 31 mothers in Kenya get a sustainable income; empowering them economically. This year, the high school is deciding between adding to that number with the new year's donation funds or starting with the organization's other program in which every $25 goes towards a bundle of baby chicks for a mother. The high school wants to use the most cost efficient program to ensure they help as many women have an income to support themselves and their families.

Cost Effectiveness

The high school wants to choose the most cost efficient program, therefore they are comparing the cost effectiveness of the two. This basically means they want to compare the relative costs and outcomes or effects of the two courses of action and choose which one has a greater outcome for a smaller amount of money. Hence, the independent variable will be the 2015 donation funds and the dependent variable will be the women given a sustainable income, as the effect depends on the funds.

Program A: Goats

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Program B: Bundles of Chicks

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Cost Effeciency of Sustainable Income Programs

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Linear System Solution

The point of intersection lies on (1550,62). This means that with a donation of $1550, both programs will provide 62 women with a sustainable income. The solution is accurate as it satisfies both equations. You can verify by substitution:

Program A -

y = 1/50x + 31

y = 1/50(1550) + 31

y = 1550/50 + 31

y = 31 + 31

y = 62

x - 50y = -1550

1550 - 50(62) = -1550

1550 - 3100 = -1500

Program B -

y = 1/25x

y = 1/25(1550)

y = 1550/25

y = 62

x - 25y = 0

1550 - 25(62) = 0

1550 - 1550 = 0

Since in the y=mx+b form, y is equal to 62 or the y coordinate of the solution, the solution is accurate. Since in standard form, the left side is equal to the right side, the solution is accurate.

Goats or Bundles of chicks?

If the high school raises less than $1550, Program A is more cost efficient, as the line is higher on the graph for this portion; signifying that it gives more women an income than the other program with the same amount of money. At $1550, both programs have the same cost efficiency. If the high school raises more than $1550, Program B is more cost efficient, as this line is higher on the graph after the point of intersection; signifying that it now gives more women an income than the other program with the funds.

Therefore, if the school is projecting above $1550, they should use Program B and donate bundles of chicks. If they are projecting at less that $1550, they should use Program A and donate goats. If they are projecting $1550, the school can use either Program A or B.

To help mamas in kenya get their income, support turner fenton's very own free the children team and their we create change campagain!


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