Dragonfly Newsletter

Issue 21 Week 10th - 14th February

This Week In School

Unit of Inquiry:
This week in unit of inquiry we have focused on cleaning water and desalinating water. The students removed "trash" from water and observed that the water still wasn't clean. They learned that the responsibility of people is not to pollute the water. The students wrote a song to share with the community about how to care for water and why. They also enjoyed a visit from Mr Pezzaro, a parent from the Whale Class, he showed them how to make a filter to clean water and also how pepper moves away from soap in water. The students made a class water filter and were very happy to see how it worked. They also discussed the differences between salty and fresh water. They discussed how not everyone has water from taps in their homes and sometimes they need to walk far to get fresh water. They also learned how much water is on Earth and how much is potable. The student were excited to try a desalination project and related the science to the water cycle.

Math Inquiry:
This week the students continued to use pennies, nickels and dimes in math station activities. This included a 'shop' where they had to form the correct amounts of money in order to pay for their item. The students were able to combine different coins to reach the desired value.

Language Inquiry:
This week the students continued to improve their reading skills with the guided reading program and the daily 5 activities. They also were introduced to the ow and ou sound (they both sound the same).

Coming up next week:

Unit of Inquiry:
Continuing inquiry into our responsibility of water, including wasting and saving water

Math Inquiry:
Simple addition using coins and pictures

Language Inquiry:
Revision of long a, long u and ow/ou sounds
Guided Reading
Daily 5

Year Book Photos

Wednesday, Feb. 19th, 8:30am

Dragonfly Classroom

Next Wednesday we have our year book photos.
Please dress your child in their RED UNIFORM and make sure their hair is tidy. The photos will begin at 8.30am, so they won't have much time to get messy.


Friday, Feb. 21st, 8:30am

Dragonfly Classroom

Next Friday we will celebrate 100 days of school! This will be an in school celebration with activities organized with the kinder grade level.
Students should work at home to prepare one of the following items to bring to school NO LATER THAN THURSDAY
  • 100 Day t-shirt (For example, a t-shirt with 100 things stuck to it)
  • 100 Day Hat (For example, 100 things on a hat or hat with a 100 on top etc)
  • 100 Day poster (A poster with 100 things of your child's choice)

Music Assembly

Friday, Feb. 21st, 10:30am

Multi-Purpose Room, 3rd Floor

This Friday our class will have a music assembly. You are invited to watch. It will be at 10.30am in the Multi-Purpose room on the 3rd floor.
Boys should dress nicely in jeans and a shirt and girls in a dress.
Any questions, please contact Ms Juana:

International Language Day

Friday, Feb. 21st, 8:30am

Dragonfly Classroom

Next Friday is also International Language Day.
I encourage all students to bring in a story book in their mother tongue to share with the class. We will try to learn new words in different languages.
Alphablocks : Cowboy - Series 4 - Episode 12