The life of a Homeless person


Have you ever drove by a homeless person on the street and wondered how they live their life ,well now you don't have to wonder because I will tell you.

Homeless people will ask for money on the street and you will just drive past them. Some times they will come up to your car and knock on you car windows and you will not pay any attention to those poor people,or they will hold the sign they made asking for money.

A homeless person living with out a home is a horrible experience ,some people will sleep at a bus stop,under a bridge,or in an abandoned apartment or house. So when they don't have a house a person who owns a homeless shelter will take that homeless person to a shelter.

Some home less people have good hygiene,the reason for saying that some homeless people have good hygiene is because when they sleep by stores they clean their self up. Some people clean their self up in the rain when it is raining cats and dogs.

We as people should take care of are selves. We should make the right chooses so we won't have to bath in stores and in the rain.

A homeless person