By sawyer

Fun facts

Some Germans moved to Russia before coming to America because the king of Russia offered free land and they could build all of their churches and their own schools as long as they farmed for the king then the king died and a new king came and said no no we're changing some of these rules so they had to tear down there churches and some of the food had to go to the Russians so the Germans left Russia and moved to America because they could have all the stuff they wanted and 16,000 acres of land to farm on. The word picnic comes from german culture, Germany is the most populated country in Europe german people are the second biggest consumers of bear in the world.

Their first years

  • Germane people thought life was good In the USA cause they had all the land they wanted to farm on
  • German people would say life is good and then there family come to USA
  • German people moved to most of the northern states so cause they had plenty of land that they could farm on

Why the came to the US

  • They came to Wisconsin to find farm land
  • They came to the US to have the freedom have there own churches, schools and farms
  • They wanted to not have to serve in the army and be able to keep all the food they farmed

Knoephla soup

  • Flour
  • 1 cup of water
  • salt
  • Potatoes
  • Whole all spice
  • Bay levies