Beauty Pageants

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What Are They?

Beauty pageants or contest is a competition that mainly focuses on beauty of the contestant..This is mostly for women and girls.

Winners of the contest are called; Beauty Queens

Girls Pageants

In the kind of pageants they look for; Beauty , Gowns , Sportwear , Modeling , Talent , and personal interviews.

Some people say its just dress up..Its nothing bad!

But on the other hand people that ALWAYS have makeup on and don't take care of the face they get to have pimples earlier and etc.

Natural Or Fake?

I prefer natural..cause everybody has beauty yet mothers and fathers of children choose to put the lipstick and mascara etc.

Natural Pageants

Natural pageants are perfect because ;

~They are less money

~Less makeup

~The dress does not have to be fancy

~The kids don't have to worry about any makeup messing up

~its just perfect

Bad examples?

Yes there are a lot a really bad examples in the pageant world..Either for outfit of choice or costumes..Yet some of the "costumes" are a little bit to much.

All the pageants should be like the movie Little Miss Sunshine!

They should be more likes this cause..

This girl is not afraid of a audience talking about her and pushing her down.

She has beauty and every way and does not need lots of makeup and sparkles.

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