Custom Designs

By: Madison Faulkner

A Better Fit For You

Business Activities

1. Generation ideas: This business is about taking clothing items, like shoes, t-shirts, and pants, and customizing them to the way you like them. I researched the competition by looking up the different websites that customize different clothing.

2. Raising Capital : My own money and loans mixed together is what got my business started.

3. Employee and Training: For employees, most of them are coming out of college that have experience with designing clothes and know how to create clothes. Employees need to know how to make clothes and put designs on them.

4. Buying Goods and services: I will get my supplies, like office and desk, by buying them. The Clothes will be made by the workers. All the supplies for creating the clothes will be bought by me with the money loaned to me.

5. Marketing Goods and Services: I will use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Wanelo to market my business. The cost for using Social Media is nothing, so this is the cheapest rout to go on.

6. Maintaining Business Records: I will track orders and payments using computers. Customer Info and Records will be kept in a security program.

Business Entity

Custom Designs is a Proprietorship. The Pro for being a proprietorship is that I make all the decisions for my business. The Con is that my personal money and assets can be obtained by creditors if I don't pay off the business debts.


  1. To increase money income
  2. To create a store so its not based on a website.
  3. Make an app for Smartphones
  4. To increase production
  5. To increase Clients

Mission Statement

  • To give people something that they can't get in a normal clothing store, which is custom clothes made just for them.