Peru VS The United States


At about 10 pm on Christmas Eve, churches throughout Peru hold a Misa de Gallo (literally a “Rooster’s Mass”), a mass attended by Peru’s more devout citizens. Outside the churches, fireworks whistle and crack in the night sky, male family members pass around bottles of beer and women put the finishing touches on the Christmas dinner.

The order of events immediately before, during and just after the stroke of midnight varies depending on regional and family preferences. Some households begin their cena de navidad (Christmas dinner) at midnight, while others first let the children open their gifts. (No copyright intended, thank you Internet)


Christmas celebration in America depends mainly on the beliefs or traditions of individual families. Some families stay home and celebrate within their small group or they go celebrate with friends or extended family.

Large scale celebrations consist of the lighting of the Time Square Christmas tree and Christmas songs being sung by popular singers.

Most children wait and open their presents on Christmas morning but that is the decision of the parents then dinner is served on that day aswell.


This is a map of Peru :)