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If you have ever even entertained the idea of joining Stella & Dot, this truly is the month to take the leap and join! Stella & Dot is offering THE BEST promotion that we have ever had, which makes it virtually FREE to join. Maybe you want to earn some extra money to buy a new pair of shoes guilt free? Or maybe you want to earn enough to pay the mortgage? Or maybe you just love jewelry and meeting new people seems like fun? Any way you look at it, you can't lose with this one time sign up special. Interested? Let's chat!
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Maybe some of you are wondering why I joined Stella & Dot. I have a family to take care of and a full-time job that keeps me extremely busy, why invest time and money into starting my own business? I'm a Social Worker, not an entrepreneur. I have no experience or expertise in business. I simply had a friend that shared the opportunity and provided encouragement. I had been to many of her Trunk Shows in the past and had bought one or two pieces of jewelry - my budget was usually around $100. When my friend became a Stella & Dot Stylist, she asked me to host a Trunk Show. I was hesitant and didn't know what to expect, but agreed because she is my friend and I didn't want to let her down. In the end, mine was one of her most successful Trunk Shows and as the hostess, I received more than $600 in free jewelry and accessories! After that, I was hooked! I talked to my husband about becoming a Stylist and he told me to go for it, so I signed up and never looked back. As you can imagine, my day job as a Social Worker is pretty stressful. Stella & Dot is just the opposite. I get to have fun, meet new people, and wear beautiful jewelry every day. What could be better? You may not think you can do it, but I'm here to tell you that YOU CAN. Our Stylist community is infused with women from all walks of life who are committed to supporting and encouraging one another every step of the way. Please consider joining us and making 2015 a year to remember! ~ Amanda


This month only, earn an extra $50 in jewels when you host a Trunk Show.
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