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Blackbird and Shay Elmentary

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Writing Contest

(Available Feb. 24, 2015)

MY NEAR-DEATH ADVENTURES (99% True!) Writing Contest!

In preparation of the release of her debut novel, Alison DeCamp is sponsoring a writing contest! She’s also doing this because she loves Harbor Springs and because you (yes, YOU!) are her favorite. Not kidding.

Here are the rules (they are tricky, so pay attention):

1. Find an old picture. Either one at your house or an interesting one online or at the Historical Museum downtown or in someone’s attic (preferably of someone you know. DON’T sneak into the attic of someone you don’t know. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.)

2. Make up a story based on the picture. Your story could even be based somewhat in the truth. You know that picture at your grandma’s house of the family trip to Disney World? Remember how your mother told you a story about that picture? About how three minutes after it was taken Uncle Felix threw up on her shoes? Tell me that story. But make up more details and make it more interesting. Why did Uncle Felix throw up? Did Uncle Felix end up infecting all of Disney World? Did they meet anyone interesting? Did they encounter any magic? Any underground tunnels? Any kidnappers?

3. Include a copy of the picture and keep the story to 500 words. And have fun. I mean it. In short:

*500 words, TYPED and DOUBLE SPACED.
*Include an old picture (hand in a COPY, not the original!)
*Make something up (that’s what we call Fiction—even if you include some real people)
*Winners will be announced at 4 pm at my Official Launch Party held February 25, 2015 at Between the Covers bookstore. You don’t have to be present to win, but EVERYONE is invited. There will be cookies, contests, and lumberjacks.
*DEADLINE: final entries are due Monday, February 9, 2015

What can you win?
Separate prizes for grades 3 – 5 and grades 6 – 8:
1st place - $25 gift certificate to Between the Covers
2nd place - $15 gift certificate to Between the Covers
3rd place - $10 gift certificate to Between the Covers
Also, I will post the winning stories on my website

Blackbird Book Fair

The Book Fair will be open on line. All proceeds benefit our school! You may also order online at

4th Graders enjoying their trip to Camp Wolverine

Fourth graders attended a two day adventure camp at Wolverine Camps on January 22nd and 23rd. While at camp they participated in many activities. Some of their favorites included ziplining, Indian life, pioneer tools, x-country skiing and hiking.
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