By Laura

Recycling is using waste materials to make new products. When recycling, rubbish is collected, taken to a recycling centre and is made into something new.

The four recycling bins

There are four recycling bins for recycling. These are: blue means paper, green means glass, yellow means plastic and red means metal. For example, if you have a plastic container you would put it in the yellow bin.
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Often recycable

Some of the things that you can recycle are aluminium, glass, plastic, paper, metal and tinfoil. Recycling helps to save the earth's resources. Recycling also saves energy in producing new products and reduces landfill waste.

Keeping our Earth clean

Recycling keeps the environment healthier and reduces pollution. Recycling helps save natural resources and energy. Recycling paper is significant because it saves our trees. Trees are very important because they help clean our air.

Four steps

The four steps of recycling are:

1.Collection. Materials are collected and taken to a recycling centre.

2. Sorting. Materials are separated and sorted into groups of their type.

3. Reclaiming. Materials are made into something new.

4. Reusing. People then use these new items.

This cycle repeats itself if the people who reuse the materials puts it in the recycling bin.

History of recycling

The first Australian mill to use recycled materials was built in 1815. Waste paper collections from households and factories would go there. However, long before our growing levels of waste became an environment concern, recycling has became a super important part of our more modern society.

Fun Facts

If all our newspaper was recycled, we could save 250 million trees each year! To produce each weeks Sunday newspapers, 500 thousand trees must be cut down.

Recycling one aluminium can save enough energy to listen to a full album on your iPod. Recycling 100 cans could light your bedroom up for two whole weeks!

Do's and dont's


Put your rubbish in the bin and pick up rubbish that others have thrown.


Throw your rubbish on the ground and ignore other rubbish there.