9.2 Early Learning Abilities

Catrina S., Yadira C., Francesca L.

Signs of Intellectual Growth

Remembering Experiences: When babies develop the ability to remember. The information for the senses can be interpreted by past experiences.

Making Associations: When the baby ceases to cry, it also indicates association. The baby associates a parent or other caregiver with the receiving comfort.

Understanding Cause and Effect: Babies also develop an understanding of cause and effect, the idea that one action results in another action or condition. Sucking milk to flow. If the baby stops sucking, the milk stops, In short, every time the infant does something, something else happens.

Paying Attention: Attention span is the length of time a person can concentrate on a task without getting bored. If the baby sees the object over and over again, the baby’s response will be less enthusiastic. Children with above-average intelligence typically have a longer attention span than others theirs age.

Baby Parenting Skills : How to Stimulate Cognitive Development in Infants

Stimulating the Senses

Hanging a mobile in an infant’s crib will help stimulate a bab’s sense of sight which should be hung 12 inches from baby’s eyes. Talking, reading, singing and humming are ways to vary and stimulate an infant’s hearing. The infants sense of security and trust are built through cuddling, rocking,and patting.

Concept Development