WMRHS English Department

What will Block Scheduling look like in English?

Best Practices

  • Two to Four Transitions
-Effective Transitions

  • Develop a daily/weekly routine
  • Immediate Transfer from instruction to practice
- Shifting from teacher centered to student centered

Research Suggests


  • Read 60-90 mins Daily
  • Writing 45-60 mins Daily
  • Language Study 30 mins Daily
  • Listening and Speaking 15-30 Daily

Inquiry and Problem Based Learning Implementation

Opportunities for more authentic and genuine learning

  • Challenges
  • Learning Centers
  • Peer Editing
  • Flipped Classroom

Classroom Organization

  • Space for traveling teachers
  • Desk layout represents activity


-Horse Shoe

- T

- Rows


Balanced Classroom

Day One: Front-Load Content

Day Two: Authentic interactions with content

Day Three: Authentic interactions with content/Reflection: Learning outcomes