Cookie Cutter Shark

"Isistuis Brasiliensis"

Where do they live?

They live in warm deep waters of equatorial oceans, primarily near islands. They in habitant deep waters below 1000meters during the day and migrate into surface waters around night. They have been found in depth up to 3,500 meters.

What do they look like? How fast do they swim?

They have small teeth and cylindrical bodies that can reach up to 50 meters in length, they have conical snouts and two low dorsal fins near the end of their bodies. They are dark brown on top, and they show a DARKER brown around their gills. They do project bioluminescence . Scientists don't really know the swimming speed exactly but average would be 40 MPH for this particular shark.


They eat smaller fish and things like squid, krill and little things like that. They do however feed on larger animals but the way they do that is they take a chunk out of them and then swim away eating it, sometimes it doesn't kill the bigger animals when they bite them but it leaves a spot, kinda like a cut on us. They can be a great to humans but if we get bit by them it won't hurt as bad as a normal shark attack would.

~Unique traits..~

- They actually take CHUNKS out of fish and the things they eat because their mouths are so small, but this is unique because the bite looks like a cookie cut imprint like when we're making cookies.

-The entire bottom half of the shark is bioluminescent, which helps attract prey and keep away predators if need be.


Very little is known about the reproduction of this shark, and so gestation is unknown as well..