PAP World History Newsletter

Cycle 1, Issue 1

Ms. McKimmey


Thank you all who subscribed to the PAP World History Newsletter. I am very excited for this school year and cannot wait to see how your students grow. I hope everyone was able to go over the syllabus with their student and get a better feel for how my class will work. I have revamped my teaching methods this year and will be focusing on kinesthetic learning, collaboration, and high rigor activities.

The first week of classes was focused on get to know you activities coupled with expectations for the year. Students were able to work with partners and teams and were able to get to know everyone within their class. We ended the week with timeline practice and categorized personal events.

The start of the second week marked the start of curriculum. We began our journey by focusing on four ancient civilizations. Students were given two different reading packets and have taken quizzes on both. In class, we were able to dissect the reading and expand our knowledge through simulation and critical thinking.

Grades will continue to be updated through the next few weeks and you will begin to see how your students first nine weeks will shape up. I hope everyone has an excellent Labor Day Weekend! Please email me with any questions.

Sarah McKimmey


Nine Weeks Menu

To help students become acclimated to Little Elm High School and to encourage school involvement, students can complete their nine weeks menu to receive coupon points. This is completely optional but encouraged. If your student did not receive a sheet, please have them see me to receive a copy.


Per the syllabus, students will be given the option every nine weeks to complete an at home project in order to receive a possible 100 for a test grade. This optional assignment will be handed out next week and will be due the week grades are due.

Official due date: TBA

First Week World History Fun

Important School Information


There will be a student/parent information meeting at Zellars Center for Learning and Leadership, 300 Lobo Lane, on Tuesday, September 15th from 6:00 - 7:00 pm.

Mrs. Epps will be the tour leader and this will make her 8th year taking students on international tours. You may contact Mrs. Epps at or 972-947-9340.


Parents, it is very important students receive their computers this week. We will begin to use them in class on Tuesday. In order to obtain a computer, the computer fee must be paid in advance.

Tutorial Reminder

Before School: Monday-Thursday 8:15-8:45

After School: Must be scheduled 24 hours in advance