The New Earth

Scientific Name: Kepler 452b Common Name: Naboo

Searching for a New Home

It is now the year 2210 and it is time to move to a new planet. A new planet called Kepler 452b was found with some characteristics:

  • Diameter- 21,000,000 meters
  • Mass- 2.986 x 10^25
  • 385 days for it to revolve once around its host star (20 days longer)
  • Same type of star as the sun it revolves around
  • No moons
  • No rings
  • Unknown temperature
  • Unknown length of a day
  • 6 billion years old
  • In the constellation Cygnus (Swan)

Calculations and More

My age- 14 years

The value of "g"- 18.064 m/s^2

My weight- 812.88 kg

Distance from Earth- 1,400 light years

Time it would take to get there- 14,000 years

Problems and Solutions