Staff Update: June 2018

Summer Edition

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I hope you've all been having a wonderful June and also enjoyed the "official" start to Summer on 6/21! It was a rainy day but I was grateful to have a break from the extreme heat. It's been a busy June and before this month ends, I wanted to share out the latest updates. They have been listed below.

Finally, the picture above is a bit of a silly one, but it's "silly with a side of significance." As a friendly reminder, this Saturday (6/23), I'll be heading out to Seattle with my parents and going on an Alaskan cruise. I'll be out of town from Saturday 6/23 to Tuesday 7/2. Due to our location, I will have very limited access to wifi. All three of my sisters will be joining us, along with my oldest nephew (Andy) and youngest niece (Avery). This will be our first-ever and last family vacation. As I've mentioned before, my father was a mechanic for Mayflower Moving Company and my mother was a daytime custodian in their offices back when their headquarters were still in Indianapolis.

We've never been able to afford a family vacation and of course, as we all got older, got married, had kids, etc . . . it just became more and more difficult. My father, who is extremely frugal, asked that we take a first and last family vacation - and as he likes to exclaim, "before I die!" We agreed. He chose Alaska. I mentioned that he's frugal and the picture above is my evidence. The reason why he's smiling from ear to ear is that these are his sunglasses the received from the hospital after he had his cataracts removed. He thinks they're amazing. Every time he puts them on he grins and mutters "I can't believe I got these for free." (Not exactly. Let's not forget the hospital bill, but it would be cruel to mention it.)

So there you have it, the long story of my first and last family vacation. I hope these next few weeks continue to be as relaxing as possible.

With much respect,


Important Information/Reminders from June School Board Meeting

New Guideline for Early Entrance KDG

  • In case you get questions from parents regarding this new guideline, please be aware of the School Board approved message regarding KDG early entrance. Please know this is due to a change in legislation.
  • Parents of Early Entrance Kindergarten Candidates, Thank you for your interest in Zionsville Community Schools. Due to a change in legislation, Zionsville will not be accepting students to our kindergarten program who are not 5 years old on or before August 1st. We hope to see you at kindergarten round-up next spring and wish you the best in your schooling decisions for the 2018-19 school year

New Director of Safety and School Safety Update

  • Please welcome back, Chad Smith! We will be ZCS's new Director of Safety. As he gets acclimated to this new role, please do not be surprised to see him in our buildings as he will want to assess every school's campus.
  • School Safety Officers will be present in every building for the 18-19 school year. We have not yet received notification as who will be at SGE but as we find out, we will be sure to share this news with all of you.

New Elementary Administrator

  • Please welcome Jodi Morrow as the newest assistant principal at Pleasant View Elementary. Dana Dietz (former PVE AP) will be the newest AP for Zionsville West.

Staffing Update

We have "almost" hired our 5th section of KDG and 1st grade teachers. Two new SGE staff members will get school board approved on our July 9th meeting. Once they have been approved, I will be able to share out additional formation.

The next hiring SGE must do will be to hire for a 5th instructional asst. for the USS team (to replace Madison Weathers) and also an additional one to support our growing numbers.

Also, please welcome Dr. Amanda Slonaker to SGE! She will be supporting us as our newest school psychologist. She will continue her work with our district's SIEW human capital campaign and as our district's child development lead. Her office will be moved from PVE to SGE.


While all of these 18-19 assessment dates (see pictures below) may not apply to everyone, please be aware that they will impact all or some of our grade levels. Be sure to place what is applicable to you in your calendar.

This file has been edited to reflect the dates that impact ELEMENTARY only. Click here to access the file.

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