Parent Newsletter

Oct/Nov 2021

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Parent Teacher Conferences

I would like to start by explaining for our first time parents that high school conferences are set up a little differently than what you might be used to. We will have all of the "core" classes set up in the gymnasium in various locations, grouped together by content areas. We will have chairs set up in front of the teacher's desk, so that you can stay seated while you wait your turn to speak with the teacher. I like this format because it allows parents to move around more efficiently and see the teachers who have fewer parents waiting and rotate as needed. This is a change from years previous when teachers were in their classrooms.

Many of the elective teachers will be in the Media Center. The set up there will be the same as for those in the gymnasium. All conferences are on a first come, first served basis.

We haven't had the opportunity to be "face-to-face" in some time. I certainly encourage all of you to attend conferences next week on either Wednesday or Thursday. If you can't visit all your child's teachers, at least visit those teachers whose classes your child may be struggling with.

The conference times are as Follows:

November 10th, Wednesday: 3:30-6:30p.m.

November 11th, Thursday: 2:30 -5:30p.m.

November 12th, Friday: NO SCHOOL

First Marking Period Grades Finalized Today!

Friday, November 5th marks the end of the first quarter grades. I realize that quite a few students were quarantined for 10 or more days during this first marking period and their grades might reflect that.

Unfortunately, we don't give "incompletes" for a grade on the report cards at the high school. Teachers update Google Classrooms daily for quarantined students. If your son or daughter sat home and didn't complete their assignments while being quarantined, their grade may very well be an "E" until they make up the assignments in a timely manner. Teachers will put "zeros" in for missing assignments until they are completed.

Assessments (quizzes/tests/projects) that students missed while quarantined need to be made up upon the student's return to school. Arrangements should be made with the teacher to complete missing assessments in a timely manner. Assessments carry the weight of student's grade in a course, up to 80% in some courses, so if your student missed an assessment during their quarantine that might be part of the reason their grade is suffering.

During the first week of school, I pulled every student down to the auditorium for our grade level code of conduct presentations. At this meeting, I explained to students that if they become sick or quarantined, they must log into Google Classroom every day and complete the assignments daily for their classes. Only the assessments will need to be made up when they return. Many students did not stay up on their work if they were at home for any length of time. This is unfortunate, and their grade on Friday will reflect this.

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Unsupervised Students After School Is Out!

We have had a very large number of students staying after school either waiting for practices to begin or waiting for a ride home. We cannot have unsupervised students hanging out on campus for obvious safety reasons.

We have a security guard on duty starting at 2:00 p.m. He has reported many kids hanging around campus after school is out, some as late as 8:00 p.m. That is far too long.

If your child has a practice starting at 3:00p.m., by all means they can wait for 30 minutes. Any longer than that? They must go home and return at their scheduled practice time. This is in effect as of Monday, November 8th.


Some students have been ordering Door Dash or other food deliveries during their scheduled lunch period. This must stop immediately! This is against the health guidelines that must be followed from the State of Michigan. They have been warned that if this practice continues there will be repercussions.
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Attendance Policy - TARDIES COUNT!

At KHS, we have been hard at work over the past few years developing comprehensive final exams that align to all the state course content expectations. We believe that students who can earn at least a “C+” on these comprehensive final exams have demonstrated that they have a satisfactory grasp of the content covered in the course.

  • Students are allowed nine (9) absences per semester, excused or unexcused. Should a student reach ten (10) or eleven (11) absences in a class, he or she will be required to attend one or both of the Saturday School sessions scheduled late in the semester where students make up missed hours.

  • If a student fails to “lower” his or her absence total to 9, the student will be required to earn a minimum of a “C+” on his or her final exams to have his/her grade calculated for the semester. If the student does not attain a “C+” grade on the final exam, the student will receive a “WF” (Withdraw Failing) for the course and not receive credit.

  • Due in part to the state course content expectations, Kearsley High School has altered its attendance policy to help improve upon student attendance. Multiple tardies will count in the overall attendance count. Every three tardies that are accumulated in any one class will be converted into an absence. This tardy will appear as an ABT on the attendance recorded found in both StudentVue and ParentVue.

  • Tardies count in the overall attendance record – 3 tardies = 1 ABT.


The attendance policy, in conjunction with the Dance Policy, will help students improve upon their attendance. The Dance Policy states that students who go over their allowed absences (9) or receive a level 5 discipline referral or higher, will not be allowed to attend any high school dance during the next semester at Kearsley High School. Other high schools in the county have implemented similar policies with great results.

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Senior College and Career Day! Held October 27th

What a great day the seniors had at our first "Kearsley Next: Senior College and Career Day." Nearly every senior attended this first time event held at KHS. Seniors were able to connect with colleges, skilled trades, and even the military branches if they so desired.

Many of these students were able to check off some "post" high school tasks such as: College application process, create their Parchment Accounts, complete financial aid, create their FSA ID, create an account on the MiSSG student portal, and even start their FAFSA process.

This one day event checked off so many boxes for our seniors as they plan to exit KHS. I look forward to this day next year when it can be even bigger and better!

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