Reproductive System

Preventive Care

What we screen for:

In mammograms, we screen to check if you have breast cancer. In pap smears, we will screen your cervix to detect any abnormal cells that can transform into cancer. In testicular exams, we are looking to see if everything is how it's supposed to be, and that cancer cells are not detected. Last but not least, prostate exams we are also screening the rectum for any bumps to detect if there is cancer. All of these tests are all screening for one thing, cancer.

More information

Both men, and women should be screened for these tests. It is more common in the women, but it is never a bad idea for a man to get checked to see himself. With this being said, most of these tests should be waited until you are at least 50. That is the age you need to start being checked for cancer of any type of sort due to major changes in the body at that age. Also, once you begin being tested, you should continue being tested every two years, just to make sure things are in line with each other and nothing is wrong with your body. After all, nobody wants that.