Slaughter's Elementary Tech Moment

Marzano's 9 Instructional Strategies Enhanced by Technology

Strategies 7 - 9: Known to increase student achievement

Strategy #7- Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback

Establish a direction for learning and provide information about how well they are performing toward goal in order to improve practice.

What it can look like in a classroom!

Rubrics, Self-reflection, conferences, goal setting and tracking the goal, provide explicit guidance to how effort and mastery can be met, feedback that is criterion based, finding something to praise is important

1- Be as specific as possible
2- The sooner the better
3- Address the learner's advancement toward a goal
4- Present feedback carefully
5- Involve learners in the process

Technology Enhancements-

Use LMS and iPad to write feedback notes on students work, Rubrics, Study Island, TenMarks, use features of programs like readability to help them become more responsible for their effort and work

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Strategy#8- Generating and Testing Hypotheses

Engaging students in a complex and mental process to apply content like facts that enhances their overall understanding of the content.

What it can look like in the classroom!

Make Predictions, Inferring, Extension Activities

System Analysis: What happens if the system changes?

Problem Solving: Real-life situation

Decision Making: Make a choice- weigh it against other possibilities

Historical Investigation: What really happened and why?

Experimental Inquiry: This can be applied to more than science

Invention: Is there a better way?

Technology Enhancements-

Taking the knowledge that they receive to the next level through simulations and research. KWL, Possible Worlds, Have them make a decision and then research.

Strategy #9 - Cue's, Questions, and Advanced Organizers

Enhance students ability to retrieve background knowledge, then use and organize it to facilitate new learning on a topic.

What it can look like in a classroom!

Using Background Knowledge, Asking Questions and Formulating Possibilities, KWL, Think Aloud, Front-loading/Flipping (getting the have to know knowledge in so focus can be shifted to the applying knowledge), be explicit in what you are wanting them to learn.

Technology Enhancements-

Discovery Education, Edpuzzle, Podcasts, Social Media, Current Events (ask questions about how the events have escalated, how does it link back to something else), Science News, Math in the News, Word Clouds, TedEd Real-World Math, Graphic Organizers, Digital Vault, Timelines

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