Updates from Mrs. Froning

September 16, 2018

Join us this Friday, September 21 for Family Movie Night

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Walled Lake Central Homecoming 2018

A message from Mr. Peace

On Tuesday, September 11, we welcomed Mr. Peace to Oakley Park!

The true Power of Kindness we talked about lies within each and every one of you!! We all have that incredible potential to impact a life forever, possibly even a save a life through our words and our actions, so make sure to keep being as kind as you can to give other’s hope!!

Please take a moment to watch the video linked below!

website: http://mrpeace.org/

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PTA Meeting

Mark your calendars for our first PTA meeting of the 2018-2019 school year.

Wednesday, October 3rd 7:00 pm in the Media Center

Child Care will be available

The agenda includes a special presentation/information on food allergies in the classroom and school environment.

2018 Fall School Picture Day

Oakley Park school picture day is Tuesday, September 25th.

Retake Day: Thursday, November 1st.

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Safety Drills

We are committed to providing a safe, caring, and supportive environment for all of our students, and we continue to follow all WLCSD safety protocols, of which our students are active participants. To enhance our emergency preparedness, we conduct safety drills and we regularly review our practices and procedures. Teachers spend time during class meetings reviewing and practicing the various drills. Please let your classroom teacher know if your student expresses worry or concern about any of the safety drills. Over the course of the school year we will practice the following types of safety drills:
  1. Fire Drill: Students and staff vacate the building in a safe and orderly manner using the exit that is closest to their location at the time of the drill. The actual alarm is very loud and the alarm unit includes a strobe light. Once outside, teachers account for all students. We conducted our first fire drill on Monday, September 17th

  2. Alert/Tornado Drill: Students and staff move to a location that has been determined to be safe, away from window areas. Students kneel on the floor, bending over covering their head. Once in position, teachers account for all students. In some cases, students and staff take shelter in their own classroom while others have a different designated location. There is a pre-recorded message played over the PA system that instructions everyone to take shelter. We conducted our first alert drill during the week of Sept. 18th.

  3. Shelter in Place: The procedure is simple, staff and students remain in their classrooms to allow for clear hallways and classroom learning continues as usual. We do use this procedure throughout the year to ensure proper medical attention/support can be given if a student or staff member is in need. There is a pre-recorded message played over the PA that instructions everyone to “Shelter in Place”. We will conduct a Shelter in Place drill during the week of October 8th.

From Mrs. Grinnell: Physical Education Curriculum Information

Please see the attached document to learn more about the the various aspects of skills/concepts your students will be exposed to through the Walled Lake Physical Education curriculum.

Owl Drop Off (morning arrival)

While we high encourage all students who have busing available to them to utilize this service; we do understand that there are times it is necessary for students to be driven to school. Please note the front driveway/loop is for for buses ONLY! Parents can either park and walk their student to the front door or follow our drop off procedures in the large, side lot.

  • Students should begin exiting cars around 7:55 a.m. They may enter the building at 8:00 a.m. (Staff reports for the Owl Drop off at 8:00 a.m).
  • In order to allow for multiple cars to safely unload students along the curbside ONLY, all drivers are asked to pull as far a possible (stopping at the yellow plastic "child" labeled number 1)
  • DO NOT stop at the sidewalk directly in front of the side entrance doors if there is space ahead of you to pull up.
  • Be alert/aware of pedestrians and other vehicles while waiting in line! Be aware of vehicles that are parking, giving them the space needed to access parking spot.
  • Students must be ready to exit the vehicle on the curbside as soon as you’ve stopped. (Backpacks, lunchboxes, etc. should be next to your child so that they can easily grab them when exiting the vehicle). Kisses and end of the day reminders should be given before entering the drop off line. If your student is unable to independently exit the vehicle, you will need to park and walk them to the front door.
  • The tardy bell rings at 8:05, with the exception of those students who ride a bus; all other students entering the building after that bell are considered tardy.

NOTE: Turning left onto Oakley Park Road can be extremely difficult some days, please DO NOT block the drop off line while waiting to exit our parking lot.

Owl Pick Up (dismissal)

Please remember the following when using Owl Pick Up:

  1. Follow the directions of the staff as they are working to ensure each student is safely delivered to your vehicle.

  2. Students should enter the vehicle on the passenger (curb) side ONLY.

  3. The Yellow Owl Pick Up number MUST be visible to our staff (this allows us to connect kids with cars more quickly.)

  4. Pull all the way up allow multiple cars to load.

  5. Be alert/aware of pedestrians and other vehicles.

End of the day plans:

The end of the day is a very busy time in the classrooms and front office. In order to ensure teachers are notified about any end of the day plan changes for your child, please notify the office no later than 2:30. Likewise, we will not release students after 2:40 (of course exceptions can be made if an unavoidable need arises). The end of the school day is an important time for your child…our classrooms are engaged in the learning process through the very end of the day. Classes often spend time reflecting/discussing their learning from the day.

Main office phone: 248-956-4100




Medication at School

If you student needs medication administered during the school day or for emergency purposes (Epi-pens)you must do the following:

  • Complete the Permission to Dispense Medication Form (signed by your physician) Click HERE for the form.
  • Submit the form and medication (in it original container) to the school office.

Food Allergies at Oakley Park

Please be aware that we have several children at Oakley Park that have life-threatening allergies to various foods containing products such as peanuts, nuts and dairy. Some may neither eat, touch nor even inhale the aroma of these foods without life-threatening consequences. As a result, it is imperative that we all keep this in mind when planning for any food brought into school.

We are asking for your help and cooperation as we work together to keep all of our students safe. Please remember this serious allergy situation when sending any food to school with your child. Parents are encouraged to make alternative choices when sending food to school with their children.

Although Oakley Park is not a nut/dairy free building, we must keep these products out of the classrooms that could cause a negative reaction. A detailed letter was sent to families in the those classrooms that have specific restrictions based on students needs. All students will participate in a discussion about the special prevention measures to help ensure the safety of all classmates. This will be an age appropriate explanation that may need reinforcement at home.

We have designated certain areas and classrooms in the building as "allergen free".

Allergic students will receive close supervision during lunch and on field trips, and will be eating in an area where food products that pose a danger to them are not allowed. There is an emergency plan in place for unexpected exposure, but our most effective tool is prevention and education.

We appreciate the support of families in helping to minimize the possible exposure for these children. As always, the health, safety, and well being of each and every child at our school continues to be of the utmost importance to all of us.

Breakfast & Lunch Information

Breakfast $1.25

Lunch $2.75

*Student purchasing breakfast may enter the building at 8:00.

Upcoming Dates

Monday, September 17th

  • Mrs. Rozman's 1st Grade Curriculum Night

Tuesday, September 18th

  • 1/2 Day for Students: Dismissal will be 11:18

Wednesday, September 19th

  • No School in observance of Yom Kippur

Friday, September 21st

  • Family Movie Night 7:00 pm on the soccer field

Monday, September 24th

  • 5th Grade Camp Open house at the Outdoor Education Center

Tuesday, September 25th

  • Fall School Picture Day

Oakley Park School Times

Drop off: 8:00 AM

First Bell: 8:02 (buses release students)
Late Bell: 8:05 AM
Dismissal: 3:08 PM