Pineywoods Ecoregion

Andrew and Charles 1st period


The pinewoods has a lot of trees.It has some grass.There is a lot of wildlife.Has cattle.

catastrophic events

Hurricanes Flash floods wildfires.Hurricanes form near the equator over warm ocean.

Flash Floods form when rivers and lakes flood and water runs down hill.

Wildfires form when people start fires and don't put them out.

1. Wildfire: They force wildlife to find new habitats and kill plants and destroy forests.

2. Flash flood: Kills wildlife and plants.Destroys draining systems and destroys marine life.

3. Hurricane: Destroys habitats,kills plants,destroys forests.

Watersheds and Aquifers

Watershed- An area of ridge or land that separates water flowing.

Aquifer-A body of permeable rock that can contain or transmit ground water.

Watershed-East fork San Jacinto River

It flows through Cleveland and feeds into lake Houston.


Runs from Louisiana border into the border of Mexico.

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