Infinite I

How to Migrate RPG and Cobol Apps to C and Java?


Software package firms as well as clients formulated about the IBM AS400 platform as it provides numerous benefits– database features for the device level, steadiness, large endorsement as well as excellent support coming from IBM. As industry grows up, marketplace has looked for additional wide open tools including Linux or even Windows. This begins whenever a start up business necessity comes up is actually not functional and not justifiable. A procedure is necessary which often allows software to conform to fast business as well as to technological changes. Quite a few firms want to perform their AS400 apps under Linux instead of iOS. They would like to operate the program in the virtualized natural environment like VMWare or even Red Hat Enterprise Linux. They would prefer to run with industry common blades rather than exclusive System when i or even IBM P series operating iOS as well as DB2/400.


Infinite i is usually an innovative application toolset which often provides IBM AS400-based software to wide open architecture tools operating with Linux and Windows as well as making use of Oracle and SQL database. This particular method employs everything you have already, well-tested AS/400 code and its resources. By means of migrating core logic to Java and C, end-users and developers may add a range of operations making use of Java or C instead of proceeding with the development of COBOL and RPG.

What infinite i allows you?

  • Develop functionally rich software, speeding up a certain development as well as distribution while cutting down charges and danger.

  • Utilizing Infinite i, AS400 users can certainly incorporate each of the “competitive edge” great things about the tools using the stability and power connected with tested RPG or even COBOL software devices.

  • Provides a way to entry thousands of new gross sales prospects, without having decades to rewrite apps.

To help show you just what Infinite i can do all of us look at precisely how Infinite i can do COBOL and RPG migration to C then deploys the particular AS400 apps with Linux. As soon as migrated, the screens are used with Java as well as new development may be accomplished with Java that is united with the migrated business rationale.