Summer Workshops

5 Workshops Package for your school at your school

1.Bloom's Taxonomy and Educational Assessments

It helps teachers to make assignments for summer holidays, worksheets for Formative Assessments (FAs) and question papers for Summative Assessments (SAs). This is the blue print for cbse question papers implemented this year 2016, check it yoursefl this March 2016 in board's QP.

2. Classroom observation Scale (COS)

it helps in interactive class with quality in teaching to reach each learner involving Multiple Intelligence. It mentors and aligns the teacher by 21 parameters evaluated in 5 point scale. A must for alinging teachers , monitoring the teaching process by co-ordinators and reporting to you and teacher evaluation by you.

3. Project Based Learning (PBL)

it helps the teacher to build ruberic for the integrated project assignment for summer vacations. PL, note 1 integrated project per term is recommended.

4. Multiple Intelligence (MI) and students mapping

It helps the teacher to identyfy the intelligence variations in the class of 40 student- learners. Once the mapping by survey is done then the lesson plan is costomised for the student - learner. Result is better learning and competencies with holistic growth. No traditional learning because each student is wired differently. Remember no one formula fits all.

5. Life Skills development in staff and students

How the teachers can use the skills to solve their school issues related to students . And students learn 3 skills of problem solving . An exciting workshop with lots of interactive tasks and activities
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