About Me

Rebecca Carroll

Introduce yourself… who are you?

My name is Rebecca Carroll and I’m 16 years old. I’ve been dancing since I was 3, and I'm a Lariette. I love dancing and reading and I have a natural aptitude for leadership. This year in LLC I've grown significantly as a leader by working together to improve skills such as time management, organization, and initiative.

Explain any leadership experiences, positions, or activities in which you have participated.

I have been a Girl Scout since I was in Kindergarten and will be starting my gold award in the next couple of years. This entails brainstorming, planning and enacting a project to benefit my community. This is the highest honor a Girl Scout can receive and requires commitment and leadership. I was a leader at my dance studio for several years as a member of the top company and an assistant teacher where younger companies and younger dancers looked up to me for how to act. I'm a current member of LLC (and hopefully returning member) and this has helped me to develop my leadership ability throughout the year. This year as a Lariette, even as a new member, I've been working to position myself as a leader by working hard and demonstrating an ability to follow leadership.

Why do you want to be part of the Learner Leadership Council?

This year in LLC I feel as if I was a part of something bigger. Though I didn't commit as much as I wish I had this year (see the good and the bad for more explanation), I plan to put all my effort into this organization next year, which should be easier since I'm taking one last class next year than I am right now. However, I still feel as if I was able to make a difference in LLC. This year I've seen the opportunity I have to grow as a leader as a member of LLC, and next year I hope to be able to grow even more. Seeing all the amazing stuff LLC has done in the past has motivated me to want to become a better leader, and I hope to be able to do so with LLC. Also, with this next year being a Mardi Gras year, I hope to help significantly through with different aspects of Mardi Gras to help benefit LLC, the school and our community partner.

What do you think you could offer to the organization and our school?

As a returning LLC member I have developed my work ethic and natural leadership ability throughout the past year. With next year being a Mardi Gras year I hope to have a positive impact on LLC, NTH@C and the community.

What are the three most important qualities you possess as a leader? How will these skills enhance the LLC and our school?

The 3 most important qualities I possess as a leader are cooperation, motivation and enthusiasm. As a leader, it's important to be able to cooperate with people. Without cooperation it becomes difficult to work with others. This year I've begun to learn how to cooperate through working with uncooperative group members. I'm very motivated and it shows through my personal interest in the work I do. It's easier to be successful within a group and within the school with motivation. As an enthusiastic person, those around me will tend to be more positivel, leading to higher quality work benefiting both LLC and the school.

What would you consider to be a weakness of yours and why?

Perfectionism is my biggest weakness. Though it may be beneficial at times due to the fact that I always want everything to go as planned, I’m learning that I must be flexible and able to adapt depending on the situation. One of my goals is to be valedictorian, which will require me to get high grades in order to boost my GPA. As most people know, I stress out about maxing (getting a 97+) all my core classes. In the first semester of this year, I was unable to max 2 of my classes. This was something I took very hard, as it meant that I wouldn't be able to have a perfect GPA, however, I began to understand that I can never be perfect in everything I do.

Give an example of a time when you have served in a leadership role. Please describe how you led the efforts and explain how people responded to your leadership.

During my Freshman year I was on the elite dance company at Lifesong Studio. As a member of the elite company, those on younger companies looked up to my team members and me for guidance as well as how to act. When attending competitions and conventions, which involved several hours spanning several days, very few people were excited and I was often not one of them. However I made conscious efforts to be positive and push through the long days. By doing so I noticed that the attitudes of others as well as the way they acted began to change and become more positive. Through this I was able to see how effective I was as a leader.

What is an example of an obstacle or challenge you have experienced and overcome as a leader? What do you feel this says about your problem solving and people skills?

As a leader I have struggled with trusting others to do important tasks. I often fear an assignment may not be completed or won’t be held to high enough standards. Throughout my years at New Tech I’ve had to go out of my comfort zone in order to develop mutual trust within groups. This year specifically, I was working on a project in Algebra where I had a group that I didn't think would cooperate. One day when I was sick, I was getting ready to send them an email about what needed to be done, when to my surprise I received an email from one of my group members who had taken the initiative to send me his work and double check with me on what else needed to be done. Through this I was able to see that I can't automatically assume what type of worker someone is. I’m now more capable of trusting others in difficult situations.

Describe how you work as a member of a team.

As a team member, I always strive to do my best in and outside the group. I hold myself, as well as my team members, to a high standard, allowing us to produce work that we can be proud of. I encourage others to share ideas, as I'm often scared of sharing ideas. I work to give positive, critical feedback to improve our work.

Explain your favorite high school memory and why it was significant?

So far, my favorite high school memory was this spring break when I went on the Spanish immersion trip to Spain. I was able to interact with a different culture, something I believe is an amazing experience. I was thrown out of my comfort zone and I had to speak to, interact with and live with people I didn't know and in a language I'm not the most skilled with. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.

Reflect on your year in LLC, the good and the bad.

This year in LLC I struggled coming into class a mod late. Not having the 1st mod of LLC this year was a challenge. I found myself struggling to come in during class and figure out what was happening. However this also helped me. I learned that it was my responsibility to have the initiative to work. Through working with LLC, I have begun to see how much I have to offer. By working with my committee, and taking risk by sharing ideas that I would generally think were stupid, I discovered that I view my thoughts and ideas much differently than others. These things have helped me to understand my purpose within LLC.

How would LLC have been different this past year without you in it?

This year in LLC, I was the point person for Red Ribbon Week and our Energy Conservation project. Though I helped with with these projects, coming in late made it hard for me to address what needed to be done while I wasn't there. However, the Junior in our committee was our point person for Haunted House and it was very stressful for him around the time of pumpkin chunkin. In an order to help, I made an effort to help him in anyway possible. I worked tirelessly in the weeks leading up to and during the haunted house to make sure it ran smoothly.