All About Mariah Canales🙈

This Be Me 👑

Meet Mariah (Mari)💖

I am a funny, loving, outgoing, goofy person. Oh gosh I am always lit ! I love doing different things and meeting new people. One thing I like to do is, to go to the lighthouse and give food and talk to the families there.My favorite actives to do is chill, go to the mall, be with the people that I love , and make loops with my sisters daughter. I am 13, I just moved to the LCP district. I was a cheerleader at MMS. I was born in Lubbock, but moved a lot .


Is someone you can look up to. Somebody that inspires you. Maybe even someone you want to be like.

Famous Influential Leaders😇

Leaders Of My Life🙏🏾🙌🏽

Short Term Goals👤


2.Finish School

3.Become A Nurse

Long Term Goals💖

1.Stay On My Grind