Creating the Constitution


Important Point No. 1

The Constitutional Convention was held in Philadelphia's Independence Hall to improve the Articles.

Important Point No. 2

The Virginia Plan gave sovereignty( supreme power)to the government.

Important Point No. 3

New Jersey called for a unicameral(one-house)legislature. This plan gave each state an equal number of votes, giving them an equal voice, in the government.

Important Point No.4

The government had reached a dead end, but a man came up with the idea to have two houses legislate. The plan was so great everyone agreed to it. This agreement is called the Great Compromise.

Important Point No. 5

A compromise, known as the Three-Fifths Compromise, determined that only three-fifths of the slave population could count when determining the representation.

Important Point No.6

The checks and balances system keeps the branches from becoming to powerful.

Important Point No. 7

The legislative branch is also known as Congress. They are responsible for proposing and passing laws.

Important Point No.8

The executive branch includes the president and the departments theat help run the government.

Important Point No. 9

The judicial branch is made up of all national courts.

Important Point No. 10

Federalism is the sharing of power between the government and the states that make up the country.