Achievements & Efforts

Employee Engagement Team

Employee of the Month

Selected Team Star of the Month for the entire department.

The Employee Engagement team will decide on the winner based on the submitted nominations. Selected winner will receive a $20 gift Card and a Recognition Luncheon

Team Star of the Month

Help make this a great place to work & contribute to your team's monthly success.

Recognition can be given to anyone on the team with a Write up. Selected winner will receive $10 gift card and a chance to win CPS Employee of the Month.

Has anyone done something great? Provided a great experience to a consumer or team member? Tell us about it....

For more detail, see your Employee Engagement Member.

Compliments for Exellence

Monthly raffle to recognize and reward a team member that provides Service Excellence.

All compliments of excellence will be entered in the raffle for a $20 gift card.


Maintain perfect attendance for an entire quarter to receive a day off with pay.