Pasquotank River Basin

Katherine C. Noah H. Adan M.

Where is it located?

The Pasquotank river is located in the northeast reign of North Carolina .

How many miles of streams and rivers are included?

Pasquotank is a large river. It has 474 total miles of streams and rivers.

How many people live around the basin?

The population is 39,981 (2013 census)

Important places around the river basin:

  • Ablemarle sound
  • Great Dismal swap
  • Elizabeth city
  • Camden

Head water, Mouth

The head water is in Gates county and the mouth of the river is Camden county and Pasquotank county


bridges, and a bodie island light house

sources of pollution:

  • A lot of tourist visit the Pasquotank river and the more tourist more businesses, but that also creates more pollution.
  • In this basin it may include municipal waste water treatment plants.

You could limit the people that come and tour the river basin.

source pollution:

  • agriculture animal operations
  • storm water discharge

supply your animals well with natural supplies.

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