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What is a Jew? What is Judaism?

What is a Jew? According to German law, any person in the 1940's related to at least 2 Jewish grandparents would be considered a Jew.

The Jews were punished by being falsely imprisoned in concentration camps. They were subjected to harsh environments, starvation, public humiliation, and physical abuse. Many people died from common illnesses due to lack of medical attention. During the war, Jewish people were murdered by the masses.

What is Judaism? Judaism is one of the world's oldest religions believing there is only one God. The religion of Judaism doesn't focus too much on the abstract view; Although Jews have most definitely considered and believed the nature of God, man, the universe, life and the afterlife.


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Jews and Judaism

Holocaust happened because Hitler and the Nazis were racist. They believed the German people were a 'master race', who were greater than others. These lower class people were seen as a threat to the strength of the German nation. When the Nazis came to power they persecuted these people, took away their human rights and eventually decided that they should be gone for good.

Immediately following the Nuremberg Laws in 1935, the Nazis issued the official definition of a Jew. According to German law, anyone with two Jewish grandparents was a Jew. In addition, anyone married to a Jewish person or who had one Jewish parent was also considered a Jew in the eyes of the law. Jews were soon to be boycotted. Within weeks of being boycotted, Hitler declared a national boycott of businesses that were owned by Jews. The Jewish people were banned by law from working in civil service and legal profession. By removing Jews from positions influenced them to speak out. Soon students were banned from public schools and the Jewish doctors would be thrown out of hospitals. It truly was unfair to be treated this way over one's beliefs. All in all, the Holocaust was just a big killing party of Jews.


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A video of Hitler speaking about the Jews

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Hitler Speaks About the Jews

Facts you may not know of Jews and Judaism

  1. The term “holocaust” refers to an event in which many people are killed and many things are destroyed, especially by fire. Jews refer to this historic event as Shoah, which means “The Catastrophe.”
  2. Jews weren’t the only people sent to concentration camps. Christians standing up to Nazi ideology, communists, socialists, gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, and others seen as having socially deviant behavior were also sent.
  3. 2/3 of all European Jews were killed. Of the 9 million Jews living in Europe when the war began, only 3 million were alive when it ended.
  4. An estimated 1/3 of all Jews alive at the time were systematically killed during the Holocaust.
  5. Jewish people were excluded from public life on September 15th, 1935 when the Nuremberg Laws were issued. These laws also stripped German Jews of their citizenship and their right to marry Germans.
  6. Once World War II began, the Nazis ordered all Jews to wear a yellow Star of David on their clothing so they could be easily targeted.
  7. Jews were forced to live in specific areas of the city called ghettos after the beginning of World War ll. In the larger ghettos, up to 1,000 people a day were picked up and brought by train to concentration camps or death camps.


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To Conclude Jews and Judaism

"If we bear all this suffering and if there are still Jews left, when it is over, then Jews; instead of being doomed, will be held up as an example ." ~Anne Frank

People did not realize what was happening to the Jewish people. People can be cruel and dangerous. An event like this proves how terrible discrimination can be. The hope is that while we continue to teach about the Holocaust, people will listen and take to heart these events and not to let history repeat itself.