"Who else has Adhesive Capsulitis"

Experience non-surgical relief from Adhesive Capsulitis"

Isn't it time to find out a time tested clinically proven treatment?

Yes you too can experience a time tested clinically proven treatment protocol for Adhesive Capsulitis or "Frozen Shoulder" in the Phoenix area. Click here or watch the video below.
Phoenix Mua procedure John Quackenbush DC MUAC

Listen to a Patient's view of the Manipulation under Anesthesia procedure.

Do you have a Frozen Shoulder or chronic shoulder pain? Manipulation Under Anesthesia is a viable treatment option that can break up fibrotic scar tissue that forms in chronic joint problems such as frozen shoulder. Phoenix Chiropractor John Q Quackenbush DC MUAC. When injury occurs whether from a very traumatic injury or repetitive minor or micro traumas the body lays down a network of fibrotic scar tissues in an attempt to buttress up or strengthen the tissues of the affected area. This fibrotic tissue is like IVY growing throughout the tissues until it takes over the bio mechanical function of the surrounding tissues such as muscle tissue, tendon and ligament tissues. This process if not stopped will continue until the joint of the affected area looses it’s ability to function properly and can becomes a “Frozen Shoulder”.
John Quackenbush DC Manipulation Under Anesthesia Patient Tells All