Pre-K Academy Newsletter

19th - 23rd October 2015

Educational Updates

In class this week we will be continuing to learn about Fall. We will be reading books about Fall and discussing what things change this time of year. We will be exploring Fall objects in our sensory table, practicing our Zoo Phonics letters. This week "j" is our new letter.


-Please remember to keep, at least one, FULL change of clothes in your child's cubby at all times. Accidents happen, plus we have activities that may get them messy from time to time.

-With the weather getting cooler please remember to to send your child to school with a jacket and hat. We play outside at 10:30am and then again in the afternoon everyday. They need to be prepared.

Reading Logs

Reading to your child every night is very important to build early literacy skills. Take the time to fill out what book you read to your child and sign your name. Bring it back everyday in their new Pre-K Academy backpack. We chart how many books we have read and when the chart gets full the whole class gets a special surprise. It may be a special snack, gift, or activity.