Saving The Red Pandas

Wrote by Jennifer Steenstry

How could we save the red pandas?

We should start to save the red pandas because the help up have clean air and water for approximately 500 million people. We could start to make places that are blocked off from others so the red pandas could be able to do everything they do normally and other people wouldn’t mess with their habitat. People may think that this would be hard but we could possibly be doing something easier like putting a habitat in the zoos. we could start to grow trees in a large part of a zoo in Southern Asia, where the red pandas live.

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How are people making the red pandas move?

People are starting to distroy large parts of their habbitats. The red pandas are starting to be killer and being forced to move. People are also taking the bamboo so they can use them in different ways like, cups, and some foods, and some paper. When people take away large amounts of the bamboo the red pandas have to move so they can have more food.