Monthly Media Message

March/April 2015

Technology Tools

NC Wise Owl

Do you want to make sure your students are using accurate, reliable online resources for research? If so, NC Wise Owl is a great resource. Visit the web site and click on the Elementary School Zone. You and your students will have access to online encyclopedias such as Grolier Online and Britannica Online and other great resources! If it ever asks for a password, use the following: wiseowl. Contact Mrs. Cornett if you have any questions.

GCS Reads 20

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School Goal

Our school goal for each month is 186,400 minutes read by our students. Please use the link below to report your students' minutes read in March and the names (first name and last initial only) of students who read at least 400 minutes during the month of March. Please do this by April 15th.

Upcoming Events

Spring Break April 3-9, 2015