Malka Drucker

Jacob's Rescue a Holocaust Story

Jacob Gutgel, Alex, Mela Roslan

Jacob was a young Jewish boy in WWII who was a victim of the Nazi party. Sadly, Jacob was sent to the ghetto but luckily he had a way out. Soon after he was sent, a courageous Polish couple named Alex and Mela Roslan rescued him and took him home. The Roslan's hid Jacob and other children from the Nazis and would later do anything they could to keep them safe. One way Jacob was kept safe was by changing his name to the Polish name Genyek.
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"Jacobs Rescue" took place in Poland during WWII. The Roslan's hated what the Germans were doing to the people so they rescued a Jewish boy named Jacob and his brothers. The family had some close calls almost getting caught but luckily they made it. One of the times the family almost got caught is when Yurek went out to help the resistance. Later in the story, Sholom, who was One of Jacob's brothers was killed by a German sniper.
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Righteous Among Nations Award goes to Alex and Mela

The Roslan's were a very brave family. They did many things to earn the Righteous Among Nations Award. One example is that the family took in Jacob and his brothers who were Jewish. They provided medical care, food, water, and a house for the kids.(sheltering a Jewish kid) Another example is that they brought the boys to a village which was a safer location. (helping jewish people get to a safer place)


Audio Recording on Tuesday evening by Jacob1997
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"I hate being Jewish"

"I hate being Jewish" is a line that Jacob says in the book. I think it is a really important quote because i am sure every jewish person was saying that during WWII. I think he said it because he can't live the life of a normal boy his age. He has to always worry about being killed or sent to the work camps. When he was sick he couldn't even go to the doctors without risking his life.