From Orange to Orange Juice

By: Jaden Rogers

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Have you ever wondered how is made? Well, this is hows it's made.

The Origin of Orange Juice

Orange juice comes from oranges. Oranges come from orange trees. Orange trees need to grow in warm and sunny places.

The Process of making Orange Juice

First , oranges get picked, then they get put into boxes. Next trucks taker the oranges to a packing house. At the packing house, oranges get washed and sorted. Last, trucks take the oranges to a factory where it's made into orange juice.

These are some Interesting or fun Facts about Orange Juice

Some juice machines can take the juice out of 400 to 700 oranges each minute. More than half the juice people drink in the U.S. is orange juice.

The Conclusion

These are some fun facts about O.J. It's helpful when your sick. {O.J = Orange Juice}
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