Lightning and Rumble

For the week of 9/22

Praise and Accolades

I want to let you know how happy I am to be able to work with you all this year. Your individual strengths and personal styles bring so many options for our students to find their "person" at our school. But where I see your true greatness is in your combined efforts as a team. Whether it is the teachers in your hall, your PLC, your team, or your grade-level, your individual strengths combine to create unmatched professionalism and educational opportunities.


We will continue to be out in the classrooms for walk-throughs. Hopefully you have had several visits already and continue to receive feedback from the quick "snapshots" of your classrooms. This week, take a look at Dimension 3 - "Building-wide Climate Responsibilities" and consider how you are contributing to the overall success of our school.

We will also be starting or continuing our first round of official observations. In preparation for observation conferences, I will be placing the 2014-15 TLE rubric in your boxes soon. Please reflect on your year so far and make notes of where your are, where you excel, and where you would like to improve. We will share at your first observation conference.

Keeton's Schedule

Monday - 8:00+ Admin Team meeting

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - @ EPSAC 8:00-1:00 for SIS Committee

Friday - 9:30 S.O.S planning meeting, 11:25-2:15 Greek Festival!

7th grade Incentive Dance

Friday, Oct. 10th, 3-5pm

Summit Cafeteria