Who I am as a Leader

by Mallika C. 6th Period History

What IS a Leader?

A leader is a person or student who steps up and sets a good example for others. In a group, a leader can encourage teamwork and productiveness. A leader utilizes traits such as confidence, collaboration/ability to communicate, honesty, optimism, and commitment.

Who am I as a Leader?

I am the kind of leader who is nice and supportive of people as long as they are on task. Not that I go all savage beast on them if they don't, but I am a little more enforcing of what is to be achieved in the future. I encourage the flow of (logical) ideas and the expression of everyone's opinions. I feel like I am a pretty fair leader that is understanding and motivational, and hopefully I am not just a full on control freak in others' point of view.

ENFP- My Personality and how it Affects Leadership

My personality type is ENFP (Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving) which means I am outgoing/inspiring, social/likable, zany, and intellectual at times. Since the results stated that I am a nice person who wants to be admired by others, this could affect my leadership style in a negative and positive way. If I am too lenient when working with others, we might not be productive and get things done, while on the other hand, my desire to help people, and social skills, could bring people together and encourage healthy working relationships.

How can I Grow as a Leader?

Throughout this lesson, I have learned about my personality type, what a leader is, and what traits one should utilize. I have learned that I could be too lenient in my leadership style, and may need to have a stricter control on a group. Also, I have learned that in my personality type, I have a tendency to be serious at times, and suddenly silly, which could affect the group's productivity.
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The picture above shows the perfect coherent group. I don't expect everyone to bite off a mountain of work like the second picture above, but I do expect everyone to do equal work, like a piece of a whole puzzle.