What's Happenin' @ Your Library

March -April 2015

No Time for A Siesta! It was a Book Fiesta!!

We held our spring book fair Fiesta in April. The library was decorated quite festively with Mexican hats, serapes and bright colors. Teachers were treated to salsa and chips and Hot Tamales on the first day. Sales were good, especially for a spring sale, and we were pleased with the results!

The money earned from Book Fair helps us offer the Mustang Book Award program and other library programming. Thanks for all your support!!

March At a Glance


# Classes = 39

# Collaborations = 3

Avg. Daily Walk-in Traffic = 270

Total # student checkouts = 1042

# Technical issues worked on = 125

In March, we hosted Mrs. Trimble's classes for research on social issues and a website evaluation lesson. Her students looked at books and websites about current issues such as smoking, cell phone use, drinking & driving and such.

Mrs. Williamson brought her 6th graders to the library to create travel brochures showcasing the setting in the historical fiction novels they read. Students had fun looking up the information and showing off their creativity in their brochures.

March also brought Refresh! We first met with the Refresh committee and then with our district liason to finalize and place our order. When the equipment arrived, we closed the library and assisted the ETS and Dell teams with installation and troubleshooting. All of you know that sentence barely scratches the surface of all the issues we encountered! Thank you for all your patience as we tried to get everyone in the building up and running as quickly as possible!

April at a Glance


# Classes = 37

# Collaborations = 4

Avg. Daily Walk-in Traffic = 289

Total # student checkouts = 934

# Technical issues worked on = 80

Mrs. Tepedino visited the library twice with her Health classes to do research on nutrition and body systems. We pulled books for her on these topics to use in her room as well.

Mrs. Thibodeaux's classes spent several days in the media center research weather (hurricanes, tornadoes, and other storms).

Our library intern Becca Johnson worked with Pam Barefoot and her student teacher Catie Norman to create movies (using Moviemaker) about a Famous South Carolinian.

Of course, Book Fair was going on during April as well as planning for and holding the PTA Volunteer Luncheon. Late in April, it was time for everyone's favorite--the ACT Aspire test! What a busy couple of months!

Chromebooks are Here!

With Refresh, we ordered 70 Chromebooks and 2 carts. They are housed in the media center and are available for checkout. Our first Chromebook training was held April 29 and only those teachers who attended are able to sign up to use the Chromebooks at this time. What a great addition to our technology arsenal for classroom use.
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Other Stuff We've been doing...

In addition to Refresh, teaching lessons, setting up the Chromebook carts, and hosting Book Fair, Mrs. Batson found time to plan the Volunteer Luncheon with a Jackpot theme. She has also been working on the Eighth Grade Awards Day program, which entails many hours of looking through records, talking to teachers, and checking/rechecking everything for accuracy. Thanks to Kelly Martin for helping out!

Mrs. Shaw continues to keep the MMS website up-to-date, assist with the morning news show, and work with the Junior Beta Club. We also spent time collecting quotes so that the PTA could purchase large TV's to install in the cafeteria, lobby, and hallways. The TV's have arrived so watch for them to be installed in the near future, we hope!

We both worked with our intern this semester and always feel like we learn as much or more from our interns as they do from us!