Missouri Infographics

Maramac caverns, muny, Gus pretzels, Old court house

Meramac caverns

  • The caverns existed passed 400 million years
  • First visited in 1722 by a french minor
  • In 1933 the caverns was introduced to public as tourist attraction.
  • During the 18th century the cave was used for extracting gun powder and saltpeter
  • Everything at the caverns is the same as it was found
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what its like

Inside the cave there is enjoyment for young and adult. The faces on these kids show how fun it is.


  • Located in Forest Park
  • Outside Musical
  • Seats 11 thousand people
  • Starts in mid June to August
  • 1919 was when Muny was born
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Looking from above

From above it looks still large. You also can see the back side of stage.

Gus' pretzels

.Gus' Pretzels i a family business

. It is a third generation company

.And it was named after ramspergers son-in-law

.Gus' pretzels started in the late 1850s.

.It actually opened in 1920

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pretzels n' cheese<3

This is an example of what amazing cooks they are and their tasty food.

Old Court house

. The land was donated in 1816 by a judge named John Baptist Charles Lucas.

. The federal style courthouse then was completed in 1828.

.It then remained 150 years

. The Old court house was a site of the first two trials, Dred Scott, in 1848- 1850.

. There also happened to be an underground network to freedom.

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