1st Semester Exam

Part One Smore

The Original State Of Man; Original Sin and its Consequence

God made our parents to share in his love/friendship. He gave them preternatural virtues. The state enjoyed by Adam and Eve with a bunch of gifts that lost due to Original Sin. God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to cultivate it and watch over it.

The word Became Flesh

in a manifestation of god infinite love and wisdom. there are four reasons the word became flesh.

1.to make expiation for sins reconcile man with God , and restore human nature lost by sin.

try to help those who are doing bad and being separated from God

2. to manifest the infinite depth of Gods love

take all what you can from God within his love to be separated from him

3.to offer a model of holiness

The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches The Virgin Mary most perfectly embodies the obedience of faith.

4. to allow people to share his divine life

he is not selfish he wants to share his love with others

The Paschal Mystery

The Paschal Mystery cant be understood outside the first Passover. The firstborn males of the Israelite were spared this through the sacrifice of the paschal lamb. God became man to reveal the fullness of truth and suffer and die for mans salvation. The events of Christ passion death, and Resurrection of Gods infinite love that achieved redemption

The Theological Virtues

For the three saints with the names of these virtues, see faith, hope,charity.Theological virtues, in theology and Christian philosophy, are the character qualities associated with salvation, resulting from the grace of God, which enlightens the human mind. Natural virtues are good habits of the repetition of good moral actions


Prayer is one of the best ways to communicate with God because praying is like lifting weights it helps your soul stronger and if you dont it will be weak and the devil will get in your soul easy. God wants us to share his love by praying for people and to be a blessing to people to be blessed

The four marks of the church.

First we are acknowledging the uniqueness and the church. One God and not multiple Gods so too we believe that jesus has instituted one church and not multiple church.the church is different and opinions of the church unity does not originate in these things

the last things

the possibility of merit or conversion ceases the soul will go to heaven, hell or purgatory as deserved. purgatory is a state of purification from venial sins so that souls achieve the purity to enter the joy of heaven