Art Resources for Students

Student friendly sites that are compatible with Chromebooks.

The Artist's Toolkit: Visual Elements and Principles

This site can be used to explore the elements of art and principles of design. Students can select an element of art or principle of design and watch a short clip that defines it for them using images and artworks. Next Students select "find" and further develop their understanding, for example shape has them locate specific shapes within an artwork. Last they would select "create" and using shapes and colors create a digital artwork.

This is Sand

This site is very simple for students to maneuver. They will click the canvas and the sand will begin pouring out. Where they leave the cursor the sand will pile up. As the sand pours out it slowly changes in color value. This site could be used to teach value as well as simple landscape.

Pencil Madness

Once at the site you will want to select the sketch tab at the top right. This site has a sketching and drawing tool that allows the student to create and manipulate digital drawings. different icons allow for the image to be a single line drawing or add a filter onto their cursor that creates value and implied textures.


This site is very similar to Pencil Madness. One difference is this application allows you to open a photograph that you have saved on your computer and draw over the top. This is something that might interest secondary students. Students could upload a work in progress and overlay different options to help them guide further work on this artwork. Students could also digitally alter a finished artwork.


This site allows you to make cartoon strips using 3 panels for free in multiple languages. In order to use this site, students will need to set up an account the first time they go to the webpage. Once logged in you can select toons - create a toon. Select a toon layout, and begin developing the cartoon. The icons along the side let you insert pre-created backgrounds and characters as well as speech bubbles. The bottom icon gives you the option to upload your own photos. Students could design their own superhero, photograph the artwork and upload it into the comic strip to be developed with text.

Sumo Paint

This site is an online image editor, similar to photoshop. At the home page select try online and you can use the application without signing in. This gives students the opportunity to digitally alter images that they have taken. All work completed using sumo ink can be saved to a computer.

Picasso Head

This site lets students create a picasso style portrait picture. The application is very easy to use. Students will select items and click and drag them onto the canvas. Where they let go of the items is where it will stay on the canvas allowing for some unusual portraits to be created. Students can save their image by sending it in an email to themselves.


This site application is a digital spirograph. Students can click various pieces to use together in creating digital spirograph designs. Could be used to create radial designs.