Anne Frank

By: Maegan Walton

Anne Frank:

What made this person important?
  • Anne was a young Jewish girl that lived during the holocaust and wrote in her diary while in hiding.
What can you learn from this persons story?
  • That the holocaust was a very brutal thing and no person should ever be treated that way.
Quote from the book:
  • " I have now reached the stage that I don't care much whether I live or die. The world still keeps turning without me; what is going to happen, and anyway it's no good trying to resist."
5 major things that happened:
  • Anne got her diary for her 13th birthday
  • Anne and her family go into hiding
  • The Van Pels join the annex
  • Fritz Pffefer, the Frank's family friend, joins the annex
  • D-Day, allied troops invade Normandy, France at Omaha Beach